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Phosphorus-free Electrochemical Polishing Reagent for Stainless Steel

MIR EP-SS-NP Phosphorus-free Electrochemical Polishing Reagent for Stainless Steel is an original invention from our company. The reagent has gotten rid of phosphoric acid, which is commonly used in traditional electrochemical polishing reagents. Its main components have been completely changed. It does not contain hexavalent chromium or other heavy metals, nor does it contain "phosphorus," "nitrogen," or other chemical elements that are harmful to the environment. It can achieve the same electropolishing effect as the traditional reagents while minimizing the harm to the environment. It also has convenient dispositions, and low cost; and can pass RoHS certification.

It can completely replace the "phosphorus" electrochemical polishing reagent for stainless steel except for special processing requirements.

Product Features
1. It does not contain any "phosphorus" components or heave metals (hexavalent chromium);
2. It does not contain any harmful substances to the human body, flammable or explosive substances;
3. It has high aging resistance, long service life, low processing cost, and convenient wastewater treatment;
4. It has a good electrochemical polishing effect;
5. It can pass SGS certification;

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